We love interesting interior design here at the AJ offices, and while we don’t think this’ll be for every Joe, there’s something truly captivating about this uber-quirky furniture collection by Valencia-based design studio Masquespacio dubbed the ‘Toadstool Collection.’

Masquespacio Toadstool Furniture

Made for Spain-based upholstery company, Missana, the Masquespacio Toadstool collection consists of a load of fungus-inspired furniture in different shapes and sizes, each upholstered in vibrant shades of Blues, Greens, Pinks and Maroons.

The collection features a set of different sizes pouffes, a table and a sofa bench, each with accentuated rounded edges. The upholstery is of the highest quality and merges various materials, including marble, wood and golden plated metals.

Masquespacio Toadstool Furniture 2
The idea of the Toadstool collection is that Joes can configure the collection in their homes however they wish. Each product in the range can be adapted in size, material and colour depending on the client’s unique taste.

Missana has seen some serious re-branding over the past couple of years with Masquespacio being appointed the role of artistic director for the company. The Toadstool range shows the direction the brand is going in, and while it might be divisive, it’s certainly caught our attention.

Whatever you think of the Masquespacio Toadstool furniture range, it would undoubtedly brighten up any home and the quality of the upholstering is of the highest order. Head over to the Masquespacio Website for more details and how you can order one of their inventions.

Masquespacio Toadstool Furniture 3



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