Mission: Breakout Escape Game Review – The Ghost Tube Station

If you’re regular readers of Average Joes, you’ll know that one our favourite ways to spend our evenings in London is by attending one of the capital’s numerous escape rooms. And this week, we heading to Kentish Town to test out the new game at one of our favourite escape game venues, Mission: Breakout. Read on for our review of ‘The Ghost Tube Station’…

Mission: Breakout is easily the most awesome setting you’ll find from an escape room in London. Located in the old South Kentish Town station, which closed in 1924, original features remain and Breakout’s dedication keeping things authentic is evident as soon as you key in the door code and walk down those spiral steps.

We should say now, if you’re not entirely sure what an escape room is, think Crystal Maze with a bit of Saw thrown in – minus the blood and loss of limbs. To be more descriptive, an escape game is a physical adventure game where you and a group of friends (usually up to 6) are locked in a room and have to use elements in the room to solve puzzles, break codes and unlock locks to escape in 1 hour.

Mission: Breakout’s original game focuses on the old station’s history as an air raid shelter during World War II, and simply put it’s a cracker. But for The Ghost Tube Station, they’re using the venue’s underground history as inspiration.


The plot goes as follows; ‘In 1924, soon after South Kentish Town was closed down, a train stopped at the station by mistake and a man absentmindedly alighted. The train departed and Mr. Brackett disappeared in the darkness. No one knows if he ever escaped… You must descend into the ghost tube station and investigate the paranormal activity!’

If you couldn’t guess from the synopsis, Mission: Breakout have used the atmospheric setting very much to their advantage for The Ghost Tube Station. Lights flicker, eerie sounds echo and the plot is full of intrigued, meaning you truly are always looking over your shoulder.

The setting does, of course, help add a sense of ambience to proceedings but the attention to detail in The Ghost Tube Station is also incredibly impressive. While most escape rooms in the capital have some decent production value, nothing at Mission: Breakout is superfluous. It was apt, moved the plot forward and always had a purpose.


This means that like Breakout’s first game, there are very few of those annoying red herrings escape games love to throw at you. Virtually all the tasks are collaborative and communication is essential. That means it’s also one of the best games in the capital if you’re after some team building.

One word of warning though; we should make it clear that The Ghost Tube Station isn’t for those who have limited mobility or suffer from claustrophobia. Without giving too much away, you are moving around a lot and you’re supplied with flattering hard hats for a good reason. There are stairs, vents and a whole lot of ducking!


All in all, The Ghost Tube Station is another winner from Mission: Breakout. It’s probably not as difficult as Codebreakers, but it’s certainly more ambitious and we’d wholeheartedly recommend checking out one of the most interesting escape games in London.

Mission: Breakout is located at 141-145 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8PB. Check out our review for their Codebreakers game and head over to the Mission: Breakout London Website for more details and booking availability. Prices for a game start at £28 per person.


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