While most board games offer a good bit of harmless fun for all the family, Monopoly is not one of these games. Many families have been torn apart by Monopoly through multiple hotels, outrageous trading and cheating bankers. Well, the game is about to be as real as its consequences with the announcement of ‘Monopoly Dreams’; a ‘fully immersive’ Monopoly-themed attraction.

A Real Life Immersive Game of Monopoly Is Set to Arrive in 2019

Set to launch later this year, Monopoly Dreams is an immersive version of the much-loved/hated game which will bring to life many of its key elements. The attraction will give players the chance to walk through themed rooms, with interactive technology and holograms helping to create famous stop of the board.

The likes of Water Works and Electric Company will be getting their own rooms, as will the Train Stations, Title Deeds and even Chance cards. A Bank is also going to be set up – minus a cheating father – while players could even find themselves locked up in a Jail Cell without being able to pass ‘Go’.


However, don’t expect to find Park Lane or Mayfair as the immersive experience is set to open in Hong Kong and will consequently be using the locations of the Hong Kong version of the board game. Rather fittingly, the Monopoly ‘theme park’ will be located at The Peak, which is the most expensive tile in their edition of the game.

We’re not entirely sure how Monopoly Dreams will work but we do know it will feature some kind of murder mystery sub plot, whereby a mysterious villain is trying to steal one of Mr Monopoly’s diamonds from the residence. Players will be tasked with thwarting the plot.

Set to be located in The Peak Galleria, the 20,000 square-foot Monopoly Dreams is scheduled to open some time later this year, giving you plenty of time to save for flights to Hong Kong. Find out more over at the Monopoly Dreams Website.


Last month, Disney announced the opening date for their Star Wars-themed ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ theme park at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and Hollywood Studios in Bay Lake, Florida.



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