7 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men UK

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage these day. No matter what you’re into to, you can almost be guaranteed there’ll be a postal subscription service just for you. So whether you’re looking to be even lazier than you already are, or are thinking of signing up a Joe up for his birthday, here’s what we think are some of the best monthly subscription services for men available in the UK.


Price: From £24

Beer subscriptions are probably the most booming business in the monthly subscription sector and from first-hand experience, we can whole heartedly recommend Beer 52. Each month, the guys at Beer 52 send over a crate of either 8 or 10 beers for you to same, with a different country the focus each month. Alongside the beers (you have a choice of ‘Light & Dark Beers’ or just ‘Light Beers’), you’ll also get a unique snack and the magazine ‘Ferment’ which documents the gang’s travels in said country. The perfect subscription if you’re always opting for the most random beer at the bar!



Price: From £14

Praised for their design, Harry’s razors have taken the shaving industry by storm since launching in the UK in 2017. Selling directly to their customers online through a subscription service, Harry’s have a reputation built on performance, craftsmanship and outstanding customer service – they’ve been trusted by over 10 million Joes. We’ve tested out Harry’s for ourselves and are sure you’ll love them as much as we do!


Sock Geeks

Price: From £5 for 12 Months

While we wear them daily, most of us only replenish our sock draws when we’re bought some on our birthdays or at Christmas. But a new pair of socks can really put a spring in your step, which is why we like Sock Geeks. There are a few sock subscriptions out there but the difference with Sock Geeks is they ask users to do a personality test to ensure you get sock you’ll love.


Cannon & Cannon

Price: From £24.99

Meet Cannon & Cannon, one of the world’s first subscription service for premium cured meats. Yes, delicious meats delivered to your door. Every month the guys at Cannon & Cannon feature a new artisan producer in the UK with you sampling some of their finest charcuterie. Whether it’s British biltong, Cornish Seaweed & Cider Salami, or British beef chilli & pineapple jerky, the premium meat from Cannon & Cannon is perfect for every meat lover out there.



Price: £29

While Harry’s might have your shaving game locked down, with more and more Joes looking to up their grooming game, it’s no surprise that subscription boxes like TOPPBOX are thriving. Introducing you to great grooming products from top brands in the UK and beyond, TOPPBOX personalise each box with a full and travel sized assortment of 4-5 top-shelf grooming and skincare products, ranging from hair styling to skincare. You can sign up for one box every one, two or three months, depending on how vigorous your morning routine is!


Christian Benedict

Price: From £24.95

Wear a shirt to work every day? Fed up with having to head into the city to buy a new one every month? Christian Benedict will be right up your street. Based in Manchester, the subscription service offers stylish and well-made shirts sent directly to you at a very reasonable price. Each shirt costs just £24.95 and they can be sent every 30, 60, or 90 days. When joining the subscription service, you can order one of the three core shirts before sending in your choices for each month thereafter.



Price: From £22.95

If you’re looking to fuel your workout and optimise recovery after the gym, we think you’ll love what the guys at LifeBox are doing. Offering a lovingly curated collection of healthy foods and drinks which are high in protein, each LifeBox contains ingredients and supplements designed to support activity and recovery for both men and women. You can choose from an ongoing monthly subscription, or a fixed term of 3, 6 or 12 months with free delivery.


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