While we all claim to hate them, season finale cliff-hangers are what keep us coming back for more when it comes to TV shows. Well, one of the best last year was undoubtedly Amazon Prime’s Mr Robot, and its Season 2 trailer has just dropped with a cameo from none other than President Barack Obama himself!

Mr Robot Season 2 TV Trailer

If you’re not familiar with the show, Mr. Robot follows the escapees of Elliot Alderson (played by the brilliant Rami Malek), a cybersecurity engineer and hacker who suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. The show explores capitalism and hacking in all its dark and murky glory.

During the first season, Alderson was recruited by an insurrectionary anarchist known as ‘Mr. Robot’, played by Christian Slater, to join a group of hacktivists called fsociety. The group aimed to cancel all debts by attacking the largest corporation in America, E Corp.

We won’t spoil things too much but let’s just say fsociety did some serious hacking and now the US is in disarray. So much so, creator Sam Esmail has even managed to get President Barack Obama for a cameo appearance to describe the crisis facing America!

Mr Robot Season 2 Obama
Towards of end of Season 1, Elliot blacks out for three days not knowing where he’s woken up. From the trailer it looks like we’re going to find out what just happened during those three days following the hack.

The show won Best Television Drama at the Golden Globes last year with Christian Slater picking up the Best Supporting Actor Award. Malek was also nominated for Best Actor, and the new season will feature new characters such as Leon, a friend of Elliot’s from the neighbourhood, played by rapper Joey Badass, as well as Hot Tub Time Machine star Craig Robinson as Ray.

We suggest you catch up with Season 1 of Mr Robot ASAP before Season 2 premieres during the summer. A rough date of 13th July has been penned in but watch this space for more details as they’re announced. Check out the trailer for Mr Robot Season 2 below.



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