A couple of year ago we told you about the awesome Museum of Ice Cream pop-up which opened in the States. Well, it seem New Yorkers have got a seriously sweet tooth as this summer they’ll also be getting the world’s first ever Museum of Candy!

The World's First 'Museum of Candy' Will Open This Summer

Yes, The Museum of Candy will be arrived in NYC this summer in a 30,000 sq ft space and will come with 15 sugary ‘experimental rooms’ – sounds awfully Willy Wonka to us! The museum is being developed by the Sugar Factory restaurant chain, a hotspot for celebs where they serve a sprawling dessert menu, featuring waffles, crepes, and cascading chocolate fondue fountains. So you know it’s in good hands!

There’s been few details released about the nature of the 15 rooms, but there are rumours of a candy unicorn, and, allegedly, the world’s largest gummy bear. We do know, however, that there’ll be a shop at the end of the museum and that tickets to the Museum of Candy will include multiple candy and dessert tastings.


The museum will also feature a restaurant offering 24-scoop King Kong Sundaes, and an outdoor café selling Pop-Tarts, doughnuts, milkshakes and coffee. But most enticingly, Sugar Factory have said there will be something they’re calling a ‘dessert marketplace’, where more than 20 candy companies will give demonstrations and sell sweets by the pound. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, indeed…

It’s not been confirmed yet whether Museum of Candy will be a pop-up exhibition like the Museum of Ice Cream or a permanent fixture but it will be located in Chelsea at a venue which currently serves as a high-end Chinese restaurant. Head over to the Museum of Candy Website to keep updated on any progress.


A new museum has just opened in New York City which is dedicated completely to the world of spying.



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