Following the huge success of Bandersnatch over Christmas, it was only a matter of time before Netflix explored the interactive element of Black Mirror further. Well, their first-ever fully interactive series is here as survivalist Bear Grylls heads into wilderness with Netflix viewers deciding his fate.

Netflix Announce ‘Fully Interactive’ Survival Series with Bear Grylls

You vs Wild will once again see the former-SAS serviceman and outdoor survival expert put into severe, unpredictable landscapes. But unlike Bear Grylls’ previous shows, this time the audience will be deciding what course of action the he should take.

Details are a little sparse so far, so we’re not entirely sure how the interactive element will work – whether it’ll be a multiple endings concept or a live broadcast using consensus decisions – but we do know the season will have eight episodes, which means there should be plenty of opportunities for viewers to direct Grylls.


Unlike Bandersnatch, however, though Grylls will find himself in tough, ‘life-threatening circumstances’, the show is meant to be more family friendly than Black Mirror, so don’t expect Bear to throw himself off a snow-covered mountain or to empty his water bottle in a barren desert!

You vs Wild will land on Netflix on Wednesday 10th April. There’s already an interactive teaser trailer on Youtube below. Be warned, though – your decision may lead to a rather uncomfortable encounter with some spiders…

Game of Thrones Season 8 arrives a few later than You vs Me on 14th April 2019, and if you need a quick swat up before it starts, here’s 10 Key Things that Happened in the Seventh Series of Game of Thrones!



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