Ever thought that we’ve maybe been getting this big home lark wrong? What if the answer was less space, just better designed? Well, that’s the ethos of American designers New Frontier and their Tiny Homes concept.

New Frontier Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes function on the simple idea of building trailer-sized homes depending on individual’s needs and wishes. Each Tiny Home is completely customisable and that means they can be used as permanent residences, vacation homes, guesthouses or office spaces. Based in Nashville, the New Frontier team have over 40 years of collective design and building experience, including 25 years in affordable housing.

New Frontier’s flagship is the Alpha Tiny House; a beautiful, innovative tiny house which takes her form from a contrast of materials and style. Modern aesthetic and straight lines contrast with natural, textured materials. The numerous large glass windows ensure that while the home is small in dimensions, it’s far from a stuffy caravan.

New Frontier Tiny Homes 7
The Alpha comes with shou sugi ban cedar siding, a mechanical seam metal roof, hardwood floors and a reclaimed barnwood ceiling. The stand out features include a custom fold-down deck and awning, and a custom 8 person dining table to make sure the home can also act as a space to host guests.

New Frontier Tiny Homes 2
Of course there’s tonss of multi functionality and maximisation of space, but the Alpha is still far from back to basics. The kitchen alone packs a stainless steel fridge, a built-in 4 hob induction cooker and there’s even room for a hidden dishwasher drawer. In the joint bathroom/utility room, there’s enough space for a Jacuzzi bath and shower, and the bedroom has enough space for a king-size bed and night stands.

For many the Tiny Home will just be a glorified caravan, but it’s all about the design and the customisations are only limited by the budget, size and weight capacity of your desired home. Regardless of whether you could live in one, it’s hard not to admire the Tiny Home concept. Head over to the New Frontier Website for more details.

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New Frontier Tiny Homes 1
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