Newberg Pool House, Oregon

On the face of it, living in the wilderness sound like quite an enticing idea. That is until you take into account the potential loneliness and total lack of amenities. But what if you could give the illusion of living among the trees without all the remoteness? Well, that’s exactly what US studio Cutler Anderson Architects have done with this beautifully crafted ‘pool house’ in Oregon.

To enter the Newberg House, visiting Joes first have to navigate the bridge over the pond/pool next to which this abode resides. The pond might be manmade, as is the structure. But that’s as far as the unnatural features go, with a design that blends seamlessly into its green surroundings just outside the town of Newberg, Oregon.

This single-family home is 1,440sq ft. in size and was designed to make the owners feel more connected to the living world around them. The original site was a humble plot of land, right next to the manmade pond in an area of the owners’ farm. It was completely overgrown and not conducive to any cultivation.

Newberg House Oregon Cutler Anderson Architects 4
The Newberg House itself was designed with a simple steel frame which carries a wood roof structure. The main part of the house features a fully equipped kitchen, a living/dining room and a master bedroom. There’s also room for an indoor mudroom ‘link’ which connects the home to the garage.

Newberg House Oregon Cutler Anderson Architects 3
The design of the house aims to make the pond/pool and residence a single entity in which the owners can enjoy and connect with the local wildlife who come to visit the water. The pond itself was enlarged during construction so it would integrate with the structure of the home.

In order to actually get into the Newberg Pond House, visitors have to park 150ft away before walking through a forest and across a bridge. Only when they reach the entrance will they then get to take in the view.

Newberg House Oregon Cutler Anderson Architects 2
Newberg House Oregon Cutler Anderson Architects 5