Ben Affleck is officially hanging up his batsuit, with a new actor set to take on The Caped Crusader in a standalone Batman film directed by Matt Reeves. Set for release in 2021, not much is known about The Batman, but in a recent interview Reeves stated he wanted his movie to focus on the detective aspect of Batman (more commonly seen in the comics) and that it would showcase a range of villains. But who will be his Dark Knight? We take a look at the all the frontrunners to be DC Comics’ next Batman.

Who Will Be DC Comics’ Next Batman: The Frontrunners

Jake Gyllenhaal

If the bookies are to be believed – and to be honest they rarely should be when it comes to castings – Jake Gyllenhaal is currently the favourite to replace Affleck, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as obviously having the gravitas to fill the role, he’s proved he can take on darker and more intense roles with the likes of Nightcrawler and Prisoners, and also showed he can beef up for the role as proved in 2015’s Southpaw. The only issue we can find is he’s about to star as Mysterio in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home. Will DC Comics want to steer away from anything and everything MCU? There’s a strong chance they might.


Jon Hamm

Since his breakout in Mad Men, it’s probably surprising Jon Hamm hasn’t yet landed a true leading role in Hollywood. Which is why we think he’d be perfect for The Batman. As well as having the playboy charm needed to play Bruce Wayne, he also has the physical build to play The Dark Knight. Apparently he’s a huge fan of comics too, but his age may be a problem. Despite probably being able to pull off a 30-something better than Affleck, Hamm is actually 47 years old; the same age as Affleck. And if you’re looking to build a franchise, casting younger does give you a better chance at locking in actors for the long haul. Just ask Marvel.


Michael B. Jordan

Which leads us to another one of the bookies’ favourites, Michael B. Jordan. Ignoring the Marvel connection, the Black Panther star’s stock couldn’t be any higher at the moment and it seems only a matter of time before he lands a whopping blockbuster role. He obviously has the charisma, physique and acting ability to carry the film, and he’s also the perfect age to build a franchise of movies. Of course, there’ll be a needless debate about race should he land the role, but we think the biggest question will be whether Jordan wants to take the risk given DC’s movie history and his next role arguably being the most important of his career.


Ben Barnes

If you’re after an outsider, look no further than Ben Barnes. Most noted for his role in Westworld and as Billy Russo/Jigsaw in The Punisher, Barnes has done little to distance himself from the new Batman role, even sharing fan art on social media. Just this weekend, he took to social media today to praise popular fan artist BossLogic who recently created an image of the actor portraying Gotham’s finest vigilante. If DC want a relative unknown quantity without the baggage, Barnes could be perfect. He certainly looks the part…

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Such an honor to have the supremely talented & creative @bosslogic include you in any of the digital comic magic he weaves #Punisher #Batman #Whatever #DigitalWizard 📷: @zeldawilliams

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Armie Hammer

If the stars had aligned, we would have had Armie Hammer playing Bruce Wayne a decade ago. George Miller’s Justice League movie was mostly cast and was penned in for a 2009 release. But the writer’s strike hit and the film, which included Adam Brody as The Flash and the aforementioned Hammer as Batman, never got to see the light of day. But it would be hard for Reeves to look past Hammer this time; he has the talents, the look and, most importantly, the creditability to take on another Batman reboot. It’s easy to see why he’s a fan favourite.


Jack O’Connell

We always like to throw in a curveball with our frontrunners lists, and though he may not the oddmakers’ choice, we’d love to see Jack O’Connell given a real blockbuster leading role. The Skins star is one of the most charismatic actors around, and even before it was confirmed Affleck was officially out, there were rumours were swirling around that O’Connell was being considered for the role. He’s got a lot going his way too; he’s under 30, relatively unknown, but still established enough in Hollywood to not be too much of a risk.


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