Any Joe that wasn’t deprived as a child would have had spent many an hour creating LEGO constructions Zaha Hadid could only dream of. If you weren’t one of those neglected children, you’ll probably be as much in awe as we are at Nimuno Loops, otherwise known as ‘LEGO Tape.’

This 'LEGO Tape' Might Be The Best Invention Ever

Ninumo Loops is essentially just a roll of toy tape – one side adhesive, one side LEGO shaped fun. The product allows Joes young and old alike to place their toy brick creations on walls, ceilings, furniture and pretty much anywhere else without fear of it falling off.

It’s been created by Anine Kirsten and Max Basler; professional industrial designers based in Cape Town. The Team Nimuno tape is the first of its kind and as well as being incredibly flexible, the Loops is also easily cuttable, meaning you can use it for essentially anything, anywhere.

Lego Tape Nimuno Loops 1

Whether you want to build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even if you forgot to attach that super sweet dinosaurs to your spaceship – Nimuno Loops has you covered. As well as being compatible with LEGO, it’s also good to go with Mega Bloks, Kre-O and most major toy building block systems.

It should be said that the Nimuno Loops is in no way an official LEGO product. But it looks pretty amazing stuff to us and we can’t see any reason that the big kid Joes out there would be put off by its lack of authenticity.

Lego Tape Nimuno Loops 3

The Nimuno Loops ‘LEGO Tape’ is being funded over at crowd-funding site Indiegogo. Unsurprisingly the company’s original modest target of $8,000 has been smashed out of the park and currently stands at a whopping $1,090,000 with well over a month of funding left to go. Head over to the Indiegogo Website now where you can grab a pack of 6 rolls for just £28 ($34).

If you love your LEGO, make sure you check out the Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes exhibition going on at the Southbank!

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