Smokehouses are all the rage this year and it seems we can’t walk up a London street without seeing one. But luckily, we love our BBQ here at Average Joes and have had the pleasure of trying some of the best our country’s great cities have to offer.

One Sixty Smokehouse Review

Well, here’s one you London foodies might want to check out in the affluent and trendy West Hampstead. It’s called One Sixty and we heard very good things, so decided to try it out for ourselves! And we loved it!



One Sixty is located on West End Lane in West Hampstead, North London – just a 5 minute stroll from the Tube station down what is essentially West Hampstead’s High Street. The easiest way to get to West Hampstead is on the Jubilee Line, but there’s also a very handy Overground that you can get from Highbury & Islington.



West Hampstead has a reputation from some for being a little snobby and a little unaffordable – a lot of which is justified if you check out many of the local gastros and pubs, which are certainly not for those who like a ‘boozer’. But we’re pleased to report One Sixty is anything but that. There’s plenty of seating outside for the warmer seasons and it has a more than welcoming feel with an open plan restaurant that seamlessly doubles-up as a trendy bar that shows Baseball and oddly lots and lots of Women’s Tour Tennis.

There’s plenty of seating inside too with the option of black padded booths for those just popping in a craft beer or more traditional table seating at the back for those making a meal of it. The staff were attentive enough and were very knowledgeable, particularly about the beer, which we love to see.



Now to the nitty gritty – the food. One Sixty is named as it’s said that 160-degrees is the optimum temperature for slow cooking that beautiful tender meat. We can only assume the ovens were programmed dead on that mark as our meat was as tender as you like. We enjoyed a full rack of One Sixty’s 8 Hour Smoked Pork Ribs which we’re sensational. They were covered in a flavourful dry rub so you didn’t have the mess you often get from a smokehouse. That didn’t stop us from being given a full roll of kitchen roll to help out, though – another nice relaxed touch. The ribs were succulent and did what any good rib should do – and that’s fall off the bone with barely a touch.

As a side, although they were listed as a starter (we were very hungry!), we helped ourselves to some crispy and creamy pan-baked Mac and Cheese, as well as some of One Sixty’s Hot Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce. Both were right on the money with the Wings, especially, standing out with a perfect amount of heat at the back of your palette, and the Cheese Sauce just to calm it down a little.

We also highly recommend trying the 8 Hour Smoked Ox Cheek which we managed to steel off someone else’s plate – they offered! Rich and truly melt-in-the-mouth, it was stunning. While we didn’t get to try it, we’re certain the 14 Hour Pulled Pork and the 8 Hour Smoked Lamb will be just as delicious.



The more we go out for some BBQ, the more we believe that a smokehouse can be let down by its beer selections. One Sixty, however, doesn’t let you down one jot in that department. With a full beer menu to itself, there’s no way you won’t find something to your taste. And if you can’t find it for yourself, you’ll be recommended something by the knowledgeable staff behind the bar. With a selection of bottles from around the world and an extensive draught selection that is regularly updated, One Sixty have got your covered. We fully endorse the Camden Hells on draught and a bottle of Negra Modelo. Both worked perfectly with that smoky meat.



The best thing about One Sixty is that we think, given the area of London it is, the food is extremely fairly priced. Our ribs were usually £16 – which is fair in our book – but as we went on a Monday, we got our full rack for just a tenner. Every week day, One Sixty offer one of their meats for just £10, which makes it truly a bargain.

The starters begin at around £5 and go up to around £8 depending on how much meat you want, which again is about standard at a London smokery. The beer might not be cheap with prices rarely dropping below £4.50 for a pint and rising a fair bit higher than that, but it’s also not anything you wouldn’t expect from excellent craft beers being sold in our nation’s capital, so you’ll have no reason to really complain.

Overall we loved our experience at the One Sixty smokehouse. Good vibes, great beer and great food – what more could you want?! Check out their full menu at and get yourself down to 291 West End Lane!




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