Panch Cocktail Key

We’re not ashamed to say we love a cocktail here at Average Joes. When done properly, a beautiful cocktail is the best way to end a long summer evening. While we’re happy to admit we love them, we should be honest and admit we have no idea what we’re doing when making them for ourselves!

But we think we’ve got ourselves some serious help with the Panch Cocktail Key – An elegant cocktail measure with a unique tiered design allowing you to make perfectly balanced cocktails.

Panch has been created by former UK National Bartender of the Year, Calum Lawrie, who has been working in cocktail bars and for leading drinks brands for the last 18 years, and takes its name from the word ‘punch’ which means ‘five’ in Sanskrit.

The Cocktail Key takes inspiration from the classic Punch cocktail which is made up of five parts – Sweet, Sour, Strong, Weak and Spice. The Punch is recognised in the bar-tending community as the foundation of many classic cocktails and the template for designing new drinks. This simple balancing act of flavours is one of the first lessons bartenders are taught.

By pouring a syrup (Sweet), a citrus (Sour) and a spirit (Strong) of your choosing on top of one another to each defined step, you can produce many well-loved classics including the Whiskey Sour and Mojito.

The detachable base on the Cocktail Key is a measure that pulls away as a guide for soft juices (Weak) in shaken cocktails. You can also include an aromatic (Spice), such as Angostura bitters, to add more complexity to the drink.

The methods and techniques involved in making cocktails do not need to be complicated either. You can simply pour the Cocktail Key contents straight over ice and top up. Alternatively, you can shake the mix in a cocktail shaker for a more professional finish.

We think it’s a brilliantly simple idea that will ultimately make producing cocktails a doddle. The Panch Cocktail Key is available in three colours: Aqua, Stone or Coral, and is being sold on Kickstarter for a very reasonable £16.