Paramount Theme Park London

Jutting out into the Thames Estuary, a small triangle of green against the surrounding industrial greyness, is the Swanscombe Peninsula. This spit of land is largely comprised of contaminated industrial ground (also known as a “brownfield site”) and is currently home to little other than a few cows and an old weather station.

In a few years’ time, however, this peninsula could be transformed from a patch of insignificant wasteland into one of the UK’s most visited attractions.

And this is all down to plans for a new theme park for London which is set to open in Swanscombe in 2018. Branded by Paramount Pictures, this park will not only be the biggest of its kind in the UK, but one of the largest in the world; the kind of thing to rival even Disney World.

And trust us, it does look huge. Swanscombe Peninsula may not be enormous (as peninsulas go) but there’s still room for an 872 acre theme park – and just to put that into context, that is over one and a half times the size of Stratford’s Olympic Park, and would become the third largest in the world. And the cost? A proposed £2 Billion!

One of the features of the new London Theme Park will be a vast central entertainment district with cinemas, theatres, music venues, and even a hotel. In addition, there’ll be a huge indoor waterpark (rumoured to the largest in Europe) alongside retail outlets and, of course, loads of rides.

Exact details on the rides have yet to be announced, although Paramount are responsible for a huge number of well-known films including Mission:Impossible, Star Trek, Shrek, and Transformers, so presumably several of these will feature as themed rides. This will follow in the footsteps of other movie-themes parks such as Universal Studios, which features Harry Potter, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider Man rides, amongst others.

If the plans for the Swanscombe Theme Park in London are approved (which seems likely) then construction should begin next year in order to meet the projected 2018 opening time. For now, however, UK fans of film-themed attractions will have to settle for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.