Passengers Film Trailer

There’s always at least one film set for Christmas which catches the attention, and this year the box office looks set to be dominated by Passengers; a sci-fi romance staring two of the hottest stars in Hollywood right now, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. And we’ve got ourselves a first trailer!

Passengers sees J Law and CP play passengers on board a spaceship transporting them to a new life on another planet. They were due for a century of hibernation but the pair are mysteriously awaken 90 years before they reach their destination, leaving them stranded on their gigantic vessel all by their lonesome.

The first trailer starts out happily enough with Pratt asking out a stunning looking Lawrence out on a date, before heading to the on-board bar being roboted by a dapper Michael Sheen. But it soon descends into chaos as their home from home begins malfunctioning, and we see the pair taking on some death-defying leaps and some seriously dangerous space walks.

Passengers Film Trailer 3
From the trailer, there seems to be a whole lot of Gravity and Interstellar about Passengers – just maybe without all the 4th dimension stuff and a little more of When Harry Met Sally. Either way, we like the look of it A LOT and are sure this is to be the one you take your Nan to Boxing Day.

Passengers is directed by Oscar nominee Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) and amazingly is actually an original screenplay. Co-starring Andy Garcia and Laurence Fishbourne, Passengers opens in the US on 21st December and here in the UK on 23rd December. Check out the trailer below.

Passengers Film Trailer 1