A Picasso painting from 1921 is set to go up for auction on 30 March in Paris. But rather than being available to the highest bidder, it’s being sold via a glorified raffle with entry tickets costing just €100. Given Nature Morte is thought to be worth over €1 million, it’s already the bargain of the decade.

A Picasso Painting Worth €1 Million is Being Auctioned for €100

Painted by legendary Spanish artist Picasso in 1921 during his Crystal Cubist period, Nature Morte is a small still life artwork which is estimated to be worth over $1 million. The work is being raffled off by Paris-based non-profit Aider les Autres (translated from French as “Help the Others”), with all proceeds going to CARE International for the rehabilitation of schools and supplies of clean water in Cameroun, Madagascar, and Morocco.

The painting is currently on view at the Picasso Museum in Paris. It measures in at roughly 9″ x 18″ and comes with certificates of authenticity signed by two of the artist’s children, Maya Widmaier-Picasso and Claude Ruiz-Picasso.

Aider les Autres

So how can you win it? Well, tickets are available for 100 euros each, with the idea being that the money raised will change the life of 200,000 people in Africa by giving them access to clean water and schooling. A draw will take place in Paris on 30 March 2020 where a winning ticket will be pulled out. The draw will be made under the supervision of a Court Officer to ensure everything is above board.

To be in with a chance of winning Picasso’s Nature Morte, headover to 1 Picasso 100 Euros to grab your ticket. Orders are limited to 30 tickets and tickets will be delivered by email immediately after purchase. You can watch the draw live on the website on Monday 30 March 2020.

Picasso's Nature Morte 1

Late last year, Banksy released items from his artwork installation on an online shop, Gross Domestic Product, after the artist claimed he was forced to release branded merchandise following legal action from an unnamed greeting-card company that was trying to ‘seize legal custody’ of his name.



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