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Plebs TV Show and Competition

We got to attend a preview of ITV’s brand new sitcom Plebs, and have 10 tickets to giveaway to an exclusive Plebs screening event. Plebs is ITV2’s brand spanking new scripted sitcom, set in 27BC Ancient Rome. Before thoughts of I, Claudius or Up Pompeii start coming into your mind (not that they probably did), this is a much more down to earth look at the regular folk, specifically 2 young men and their ill mannered slave, as they try to climb the social ladder, work their jobs and survive the hustle and bustle – all the while looking to get women.

If you’re already interested based on the brief overview, then perhaps you should enter our competition.  We’ve teamed up with ITV2 to give away 10 pairs of tickets to an exlcusive Roman themed party and screening to celebrate the launch of Plebs. It couldn’t be any easier to win than by answering the following question:

Where is PLEBS set?

a) Rome
b) Constantinople
c) Persia

Have your answer? Well read through to double check and then head to the bottom and enter!

Plebs stars Tom Rosenthal and Joel Fry as Marcus and Stylax, with Ryan Sampson as their ill-mannered and lazy slave. Whilst they are our three main stooges, there is a good supporting cast, particularly in Doon Mackichan, but also from the younger ladies Sophie Colquhoun and Rose Bewley. Each character has its own particular blend of issues, perversions and general lack of social skills, to make them feel fresh yet somewhat familiar. Then you figure out why that is…


Plebs is obviously drawing a lot of comparisons to the Inbetweeners. I would strongly recommend leaving any comparison to one side, and simply enjoy the fact that it fills the crude, laddish humour shaped void that the Inbetweeners left behind when it went off air near enough 3 years ago. Sure, its about a bunch of guys who are living their obscure lives as best they can with some very singular goals in mind, but Plebs is its own show. Being set in Ancient Rome should help in allowing Plebs to move on in its own right.

Written by Sam Leifer and Tom Basden, we are brought down to the ground level of the Roman Empire, but really that is just a backdrop. What happens to the drawn from our writers experiences of modern day life in London, of course trying to get a vanilla show like that commissioned would be impossible! Trying to keep things as relevant to now as possible, whilst blending it to the Roman way obviously had its challenges.

At the preview, Sam Leifer commented that ‘young blokes are basically desperate young blokes’, no matter what era we are looking at. We join our mates and head down to the football stadiums, whereas they would meet up with theirs and head down to the arena and watch gladiators hacking people to bits. In order to ensure that what came out at the end was both relevant to now as it was then, whilst also being realistic, Mary Beard (from Meet the Romans) advised as best she could.

I devoted 3 years of my life to studying ancient & medieval history at university and quite frankly, I appreciate a bit of humour being brought to what can often be treated as a very dry and irrelevant subject! Thinking about the contemporaries, we’ve had Spartacus and Rome of late, shows heavy in either drama or dripping blood and pointless slow motion, and its about time another comedy makeover was given to Rome.

Naturally we intend to leave you to enjoy the episodes without them being spoilt, although we would like to say that the second episode, featuring Danny Dyer, was particularly hilarious. Certain scenes shot in this episode led to a rather revealing discussion in the subsequent Q&A, which we surely can’t divulge here. Quite frankly, it can be said that if we have as much fun watching Plebs, as the cast did filming it in Bulgaria, then it is going to be an absolute riot that reminds us all that ITV isn’t dead in the water when it comes to scripted comedy.

It is scheduled to be premiered 25th March on ITV2 at 22:00. Set yourself a reminder now because if you’ve read this far down, you’ll definitely want to watch it!

And back to the competition, fancy winning a pair of tickets for you and a mate to an EXCLUSIVE ITV2 party next week? Of course you do!

Well lucky enough, we’ve teamed up with ITV2 to give away 10 pairs of tickets to exclusive ROMAN themed party and screening to celebrate the launch of new comedy show PLEBS. The event takes place next Thursday 21st March at ITV Towers on Southbank. At the event there will be Roman themed entertainment, food and drink + a sneak peak at the first two episodes of PLEBS. To attend the event you and your plus one need to be 18 or over.

If you fancy attending just tell us, where is PLEBS set?

a) Rome
b) Constantinople
c) Persia

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Bonus Entries
Now if that wasn’t enough, we have a couple of bonus entry methods (so each person can enter a total of 3 times):

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion starts at 1pm GMT, Thursday 14th March 2013 and ends at 9pm GMT Sunday 18th March 2013.
  2. In order to be entered into a prize draw, participants must answer the multiple-choice question correctly.
  3. Users must be over 18 years of age to be eligible to participate.
  4. There are a total of ten (10) prizes: ten (10) pairs of tickets to attend the PLEBS event from 6pm, Thursday 21st March at ITV The London Television Centre, 58-72 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT.
  5. Ten (10) winners in total will be at random from the correct answers:
  6. Winners will be contacted via their email address to be notified of their winning. Winners must reply to their winning notification within one (1) business day. If they do not respond within 1 day, a new winner will be drawn at random.
  7. No cash or prize alternative will be offered
  8. Editors decision is final



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