If you’ve ever been to a festival, you’ll know one of the main priorities when arriving on site is grabbing a tin of Special Brew. But following closely behind is pitching up your tent in a circle with your fellow Joes. Pod Tents take the idea of a camping community further with a range of tents that all interconnect to create an indoor colony of campers!

Pod Tents

Pod Tents, designed by UK-based designers M2C Innovation, are out to make camping even more social by transforming the typical small tent into an indoor community. Rather than ending the social experience when the tent is zipped up for the evening, Pod Tents keep the party going but annoy your neighbours much less!

The modular camping system consists of individually bought tents which can be zipped together with connector tunnels. This allows Joes to create their own large interior space where you can hang out with the whole gang even if the weather is dreadful… which it inevitably will be.

There are two types of Pod Tents: the Mini and the Maxi. The Maxi is sleep eight Joes and has eight sides, while the six-sided Mini sleeps four. The 5m in diameter Maxi sleeps everyone in a circle, while the Mini sleeps Joes next to each other but also comes with an internal divider if you want to buddy up.

You can also just split your Maxi into a four person plus living space with one of Pod’s sleeping cells (sold separately). Then comes the fun, create your community with some of Pods Tunnels!

We love the idea of the Pod Tents but there’s a real sticking point here and that’s the price. A Maxi will set you back £499 and the Mini is £399, which is already on the expensive side for a tent. While they’re obviously good quality, the main selling point of the Pod is the connectivity which means you’ll have to fork out an extra £89 for each tunnel. You can see things adding up pretty quickly! Check out more details on the Pod Tents Website.




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