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Point Break Trailer

The first trailer for the remake of Point Break has finally arrived! And to be honest, we don’t know what to make of it. There’s no obvious Gary Busey cameos for a start! While the action looks pretty spectacular, the script feels a little splashy to say the least.

The 2015 incarnation sees some the character names (if not characteristics) at the forefront of the plot with Luke Bracey taking on the role of Johnny Utah once occupied by Keanu Reeves, while Edgar Ramirez dons his Swayze wetsuit as enigmatic daredevil vigilante Bodhi.

Just like in the original, Utah is an FBI who goes undercover with a group of thrill-seekers, led by Bodhi, who also dab their hands at pulling off incredible heists.

There are differences here though as director Ericson Core’s ups the stakes even higher thanks probably to the staggering stunts in the Fast movies. Bodhi’s crew no longer just spend their time on the waves, but they like base jumping, climbing and any other extreme sport you can think of.

From the trailer, the stunts and actions sequences on show look ridiculously fun but you can help but pine for Reeves and Swayze. Not to mention the script sounds overly corny.

We were never sold on a remake and we’ll still not. But at least we know it’ll have something to offer in the way of thrills. Point Break will arrive here in the UK on the 8th January next year. We’re off to watch the original, but you need to watch the trailer below.




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