If you’re fed up with paying top dollar on your lunch break and can’t bring yourself to bring in sandwiches in your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunchbox, then take a look at this beautifully designed and crafted Prepd Pack box. Perfect for the urban working Joe.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox

The Prepd Pack is a thoroughly modern take on the humble lunchbox. It consists of a beautifully designed case, a premium modular system of containers and smart magnetic cutlery.

At the core of the new system are Prepd Pack’s removable modular containers, which can be combined in multiple ways within the lunchbox to suit whatever it is you’ve prepared for the day. The containers are obviously food safe and completely leak proof.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox 3
The Prepd case itself is combination of stylish wood and recycled plastic and comes complete with an eating mat attached to the inside to save of the extra washing up. As well as container space, the inside of the lunchbox also makes room for a magnetic cutlery set.

If keeping track of calorie intake is important, Prepd Pack also have you covered with their App. From planning and preparing, through to tracking the nutritional value of your lunches, Prepd Pack makes the whole process easier.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox 2
The App comes with a plan guide as well as recipes designed by professional nutritionists and chefs to fit a broad range of diet types and health goals. All the recipes are designed to fill the modular containers perfectly, making meal prep easier, more efficient and eliminates your food waste in the process.

The Prepd Pack lunchbox is being funded on Kickstarter where it’s already smashed its target. Joes can get hold of an Original Pack from around £35 ($50), which includes a case, magnetic cutlery and containers – brilliant value for something so practical and beautiful, if you ask us! Deliveries are expected in June.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox 4



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