It now seems like every week we come across a new floating home concept, with the awesome Waterlovt Floating House and the luxurious Floating Seahorse Villa in Dubai both being announced over the summer. But we think they might have been trumped by this beautiful Floating Penthouse by Rev House!

Rev House Floating Penthouse

Based in Berlin, Rev House claim to offer to ‘a penthouse lifestyle on the water,’ and it’s hard to argue with them when you take a closer look at their stunning take on the floating home. They’ve teamed up with a bunch of partners including Moët & Chandon and Dom Pérignon, so you know they mean luxury.

The Rev House is a fully motorised and manoeuvrable home, offering Joes limitless lifestyle choices in locations all over Europe. As well as bedrooms, bathrooms and lounges, the Rev House comes with solar panels, filtered drinking water and a sewage treatment system which gives you full independence when you’re off the grid.

Rev House Floating Penthouse 2
It’s all about elegance and the bespoke with the Rev House. As such every aspect of penthouse is designed to the highest quality and to each customer’s taste and preference. There are tons of customisable options with everything from fireplaces, underwater lighting, hot tubs and even saunas all available.

The interior is all very contemporary and comes with everything you’d need, including a fully decked out kitchen and bathroom. But one of the real stand out features is the incredible 1,076 square foot roof terrace on the roof which gives you incredible panoramic views across the water.

Rev House Floating Penthouse 5
While this is a home, every aspect of Rev House was designed by yacht professionals for connoisseurs, and the best workmanship is guaranteed. In fact, they’re the only manufacturer of floating homes we’ve come across who a 20-year warranty on the hull and superstructure as standard.

We absolutely love the Rev House Floating Penthouse and if you like it as much as we do, head over to the Rev House Website now for more information.

Rev House Floating Penthouse 3
Rev House Floating Penthouse 4
Rev House Floating Penthouse 6



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