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RoboCop Trailer

There have been a few re-makes in recent years, some better than others but most pretty terrible. Total Recall being the most recent and most high profile. Well now it is time for the next, and re-make will be the 87 hit RoboCop, and we now have the first RoboCop Trailer 2013.

Set in the year 2028, it sees character Alex Murphy, a family man and police officer transformed. Turned into RoboCop following a car explosion, using the drone technology provided by robotics firm OmniCorp who roll RoboCop out to clean up the streets of Detroit. Produced by Sony Pictures, and directed by Jose Padilha, the 2014 release looks to reinvent the 1987 classic storyline and employs a pretty star loaded cast to do so including Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Michael K. Williams.

This is one we have high hopes for, well let’s hope!

The RoboCop release date is currently scheduled for cinemas on 7th February 2014.



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