If you’ve been watching TV or Twitter recently, you’ll know that it’s all been kicking off…between Channel 4 and DIY giant Ronseal. The pair have been battling it out in their advertising campaign with a difference.

Ronseal Battles It Out with Channel 4

The two of them have gone head to head in a battle for viewers’ and Tweeters’ time, with Ronseal trying to get watchers off the sofa to tackle those urgent household jobs and Channel 4 telling them to chill in front of the telly instead.

The ‘war’ started last month – during Gogglebox on the Friday before the May Day Bank Holiday. The Last Leg star Alex Brooker took on the voice of Channel 4 and urged Ronseal to literally ‘wind their neck in’ as they watched a tub of Ronseal One Coat Fence Life take on the Channel’s iconic blocks.

Never one to duck a challenge, Ronseal hit back with some cutting words of their own before security was called…

Since then the battle has rumbled on across Channel 4’s programming. There was no escape on social media either, as Twitter users chatting to Ronseal were told to ditch the TV and crack on.

And they even popped up on Facebook when people were least expecting it:

On the battle with Channel 4, Ronseal are quoted as saying: ‘We’re fuming! This partnership seemed like a great idea, but who knew they wanted people to spend their whole weekend watching telly. Imagine how great people could feel if they’d gotten up off that sofa, gone out and got that DIY done.’

Check out more on the Ronseal and Channel 4 campaign over at the Ronseal Website, and join the debate with the hashtag #RonsealTheWeekend!





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