Ryan Reynolds’ new streaming service offers just one movie

Don’t you hate it when you load up Netflix and then proceed to sit there and scroll through endless lists of films and TV shows rather than just watching something? Ryan Reynolds has seen a gap in the market and launched a streaming service that limits your choice to just one movie – 2003’s Foolproof

Ryan Reynolds is well known for some of the best online marketing stunts in recent years. He’s done some seriously funny things as his alter ego – Deadpool. But this time, he’s taking on the streaming giants with his new venture. He announced the plans on Twitter:

Back in November 2019, Reynolds purchased a large stake in the American wireless network, Mint Mobile. He’s quoted as saying – “It’s a bit unconventional which is why I like it,” – “Celebrities generally invest in high-end products like skincare brands or delicious gin companies. Yet Mint is making wireless way more affordable at a time when the average American is paying 65 dollars a month. I’m excited to champion a more practical approach to the most essential technology.”

He’s got a good track record of using his celebrity status and humour to promote his gin company – Aviation Gin (which he just sold for a lot of money) and he’s using the same tactics with Mint Mobile. If you head over to https://mintmobileplus.com/ you’ll find a website that bares many similarities with Disney’s new streaming service. The main difference is there’s only one film.

That one film is 2003’s Foolproof starring Reynolds himself. Personally I’ve never seen it but it’s got 6.5 on iMDb and appears to be some sort of heist movie. I might actually give it a watch later seeing as it’s a available for free. When you navigate around the site they’ve used multiple different images and sections to make it appear like there’s more than one film. It stinks of Reynolds’ sense of humour in the best kind of way.

This is a form of marketing that works and personally I love it. Reynolds is a bit of a maverick and you have to applaud him for it. Keep it up!