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Selected Jim Beam Single Barrel at JW Steakhouse

For the first time in history, a Jim Beam single barrel bourbon has been taken from it’s home in Kentucky and selected especially for the palettes of the JW Steakhouse clientele, in London. We popped along to to sample what was promised to be a delightfully smooth, yet full bodied taste experience. We were not disappointed.

As exceptional as this bourbon tastes, the real story lies with the export of the barrel and the journey it made to the UK, and here in London at the JW Steakhouse at Grosvenor House. Never before has a single barrel been exported to anywhere else but the US, let alone hand picked from the distillery in Kentucky by the Park Lane Steakhouse’s beverage manager. However, story time was over now and after being ployed with all things bourbon, from chocolate and rhubarb cocktails to bourbon soaked pork belly, it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

The Taste

After a quick tasting masterclass from one of the Jim Beam representatives, we donned our glasses and took a much anticipated swig. Instantly you find yourself hit with an array of flavours, starting with a strong peppery taste, followed by vanilla, then a touch of orange, all excellently topped off with a hint of caramel. I’ll be honest, the words ‘sips like a dream‘ immediately came to mind. A 47.5% strength bourbon is something that usually leaves me with chest inferno, shortness of breath and muttering that sounds a little bit like ‘bloody hell that’s strong’. But the biggest and most welcome surprise was that this Jim Beam had little to no burn, and instead left nothing more than a lightly spiced linger on the palette. Quite remarkable for something with such a high percentage.


The Verdict

If the journey of this Jim Beam single barrel isn’t enough to entice you down to the capital to try it out, then by all means let the taste be. The Bourbon Bar at the JW Steakhouse have all the expertise any bourbon fanatic could ever need, and once you’ve tried the Jim Beam, you can even taste some pre-prohibition whiskey if you fancy it. Although there may be some difference in price…




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