Maison&Objet 2017 heads to Paris next month for a week-long event celebrating lifestyle fashions and trends across the design world. Now while there are plenty of cutting edge highlights this year, we can’t help but be drawn to the food-inspired furniture collaboration by Italian design firm SELETTI and Amsterdam-based Studio Job.

SELETTI & Studio Job Team Up for a Fast Food-Inspired Furniture Collection

Fast food is coming to the fair with the latest collaboration between SELETTI and Studio Job. The ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ collection will be officially unveiled at September’s Maison&Objet Paris 2017 and will feature a hot dog and hamburger transformed into actual furnishings.

The debut of the series marks the SELETTI’s first foray into the world of upholstered furniture, fusing their technical design wizardry and affordability with Studio job’s famed irreverence and playfulness.


The ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ collection is the second collaboration between the two European designers, with the first comprising of a series of Victorian-influenced ‘industry’ garden furniture. The latest project, however, is all about amalgamating the pop-culture of America with SELETTI’s commitment to projects out of the ordinary, and studio job’s cheeky creative approach.


For the fast food furniture collection, an open hot dog bun becomes the structure of a sofa, complete with an upholstered sausage. Alternatively, if burgers are more your weapon of choice at the family BBQ, a bun seat comes in the shape of a hamburger, while a pickled cucumber becomes an armrest and a slice of tomato a back cushion.

Currently there’s no word of whether the SELETTI and Studio Job UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ food-inspired furniture collection will be available for purchase, but we’d suggest keeping an eye on the SELETTI website for more info.




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