The long-awaited first teaser for the new Borg/McEnroe film has finally surfaced online, giving us a first glimpse of the much maligned Shia LaBeouf as foul-mouthed tennis legend John McEnroe. And the resemblance is actually uncanny!

Shia LaBeouf Stars as John McEnroe in the New Borg/McEnroe Trailer

Production of Borg/McEnroe was announced last year but barring a couple of on-set images of LaBeouf and his co-star Sverrir Gudnason (who plays Bjorn Borg) in some short shorts, very little has emerged until now. The trailer doesn’t give away too much but it certainly seems to focus of the characters as opposed to purely the tennis.

Borg/McEnroe tells the story of one of tennis’s greatest rivalries which culminated in the 1980 Wimbledon final; an all-time classic match which Bjorg won 8-6 in the 5th set to give him his 10th career Grand Slam title and his 5th and final title at Wimbledon. As well as telling the story of that infamous match, Borg/McEnroe is sure to explore the rivalry and friendship between the two players.

Borg/McEnroe Trailer Shia Labeouf 2

LaBeouf taking on McEnroe is naturally where much of the interest will come with the film. Playing someone as well known and iconic as the tennis legend can be tricky, especially given Johnny Mac’s infamous rants and catch-phrases have been spoofed to the nth degree. LaBeouf could also do with a positive review once in a while!

But we’re if nothing else encouraged by the teaser. It looks tense and nicely shot, and with support from the likes of Stellan Skarsgård playing Bjorg’s coach Lennart Bergelin, all the ingredients are there for a decent enough biopic sports film.

Directed by Janus Metz Pedersen, who helmed an episode of True Detective’s second season, Borg/McEnroe is set for release in the UK on 22nd September 2017. Check out the first trailer below.



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