For virtually all of us, summer means a surge in two things: socialising and drinking. With all those extra outdoor excursions, you’re going to need something to transport your precious beer. And you might as well do it in style. Introducing the Sixfold beer carrier!

Sixfold Beer Carrier

The Sixfold design concept is based on a make-better, live-better ideology that has evolved into this line of leather beer carriers, as well as other accessories. Their patent-pending fold-and-notch system cuts out wasteful production processes and means Joes become makers.

All Sixfold products are crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly leather and walnut. The patterns are laser cut and shipped flat-pack. In six quick folds (get it?) Joes create their own high quality carriers, with no sewing or small parts required!

Once you’ve polished off your bottles, your carrier folds down back into a compact package. So it won’t take up any storage space in your car boot!

There can be no doubt there’s a real buzz surrounding craft beer at the moment and Sixfold are obviously looking to tap into it. You can tell Sixfold are first and foremost a design company and we love the look of the carriers, but can’t help but feel the price may put some off.

The Sixfold beer carrier will set you back around £50 ($78) and is being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. With 15 or so days to go they’ve managed to raise half of their target. So if you like what you see, get over to the Sixfold Kickstarter Website and get pledging!




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