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Solid Gold - Get Over It - iTunes single of the Week

Solid Gold - Get Over It - iTunes single of the Week

This week’s techno infused iTunes download comes from one of Minneapolis’s best-kept secrets…

They’re called Solid Gold; the band consists of Zack Coulter, Adam Hurlburt, and Matt Locker; they’ve been around since 2006 and expect a chilled-out electro, indie pop sound, but most importantly, I LOVE THEM!! They are as good as anything you’ll hear at the moment. It’s hard to believe they went unsigned for as long as they did. If ever I urged you to go out and listen to a band, this is one of those times.

Their music may be dark and some what downbeat but this indie three piece produce smooth, ethereal melodies that float comfortably above the mire that is electronic music. Now I’m not condemning the likes of MGMT and Empire of the Sun or indeed bands of that nature, nor is this an attack on electronic music as a genre but it’s refreshing to hear electronic indie rock without a gimmick or the all too common 80s throw back vibe we’ve been hearing of late. Their music encompasses a bit of everything, guitars, synths, horns, strings, melodies, great beats and awesome vocals to boot. With themes of love, loss, redemption and general human disillusion, you can’t help but love these guys!!!

Forming the lead track from their debut album ‘Bodies of Water’, ‘Get Over It’ is the sort of indie synth infused sound that will make even the most eccentric of people swoon with blissful contentment. Despite being faster in tempo than some of their other stuff, ‘Get Over it’ is still enchantingly dark and manages to maintain that twinge of melancholic fragility that is their trademark. With comparisons to Thom Yorke springing to mind, particular mention must go to voice of lead Zack Coulter; it’s jaded yet consuming and works so well under the songs dizzying synth loops.

It’s always so satisfying when you see one of your ‘favourite up and coming bands’ finally gain the sought after recognition you’d intended for them. All that time screaming at your friends to listen to these guys no longer seems in vain. You can sit back smug faced and vindicated in the knowledge that you knew them first and loved them best. Solid Gold are that band for me… I just question why iTunes have taken so long to get on board?

Tempted for a 10, but to be fair I have to go with a 9 out of 10



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