The Famous Grouse is a whisky brand that everybody knows of. The original Grouse blend was first produced in 1896, and was renamed to ‘The Famous Grouse’ in 1905, and the Whisky has grown to be the biggest selling Whisky in England and Scotland.

#SomethingFamous with The Famous Grouse

The Famous isn’t the only whisky in the Grouse locker, The Black Grouse, a peated version of Their ‘Famous’ brand giving it a warm, burnt taste. The Snow Grouse, a grain whisky blend made for enjoying chilled. And The Naked Grouse, matured in Sherry barrels rather than the traditional Bourbon barrels, this gives The Naked Grouse a distinctly sweeter taste than it’s siblings. These aren’t as ‘famous’ as their Flagship blend, but they certainly are worth a try of you are into your Whisky – I personally love the Black Grouse, very warming on a cold day!


To celebrate the legendary status of this iconic brand, and to push the envelope by creating something uniquely special. The Famous Grouse are creating a collaboration or ‘blend’ of responses to the question. “What would you like to be famous for?”. Each answer will be laser cut onto aluminium strips and bound together by 34 engineers with every other answer to form a unique, innovative sculpture of responses.

Obviously we at Average Joes want to be famous for bringing you everything cool that the world has to offer. But what do you want to be famous for?

To get involved and to become ‘famous’ head to and submit your answer – whatever it may be, and get involved in the production of something very unique, something famous in itself!



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