Space Saving Furniture Ideas for Modern Urban Living

With rent and house prices rising, smaller living spaces are inevitable – especially in the city. And that means you need to get creative with your limited room. There are some ingenious furniture designs out there which save space in really clever ways. Here’s just a few ideas of how to make the most of your limited urban living space.

Orla Reynolds Bookshelf

As if from nowhere… We love this modular bookcase from designer Orla Reynolds. Not only will it hold your books and DVDs, it’ll also house your dining room furniture – often one of the first sacrifices made in cramped living spaces. It’s called the ‘From Out of Nowhere’ and the square configuration unit is made up of all six compartments stacked together. It can store 2 of the café/dining tables and 4 dining chairs – each of which are available in bold, vibrant colours. The bookshelf is ideal against a wall and the dining furniture can easily be removed when you have guests over.


Avar Under Stairs Storage

The cupboard under the stairs may be regularly used for hiding shoes and maybe even the odd jacket, but if you actually thought about how much space is being wasted under there, you’d probably have a rethink. And with many modern homes lacking sufficient storage space, particularly those with young and growing families, under stairs storage which utilises all of the available space is a great option. We love this solution from Avar; a set of under stairs cupboards and drawers ideal for a cluttered family home. Shoes, sports equipment, jackets, board games…. the possibilities are endless.


Clei Doc Sofa Bunkbed

With rent and house prices going through the roof, it’s usually that extra spare bedroom which gets sacrificed. Sofa beds are a great space saving solution and do mean you can host a couple of guests, but this Doc sofa bunkbed by Clei takes things one step further. Not only is it a stylish and comfortable sofa, it also transforms into a practical bunk bed with slatted bed base in one simple movement. The Doc. sofa/bunkbed also comes with a combined ladder and safety barrier system which is integrated into the structure, which means it’s more than suitable for children too.


Grindstone Drop Down Wall Desk

We love a wall desk. Not only do they look great, the right one can also save an enormous amount of space – particularly if you regularly work from home. This drop front desk from Grindstone is beauty and mounts right onto the wall, taking up very little space when closed. It’s a great project space where you can just close it and hide the mess when it’s not in use. The desk can naturally be installed at any height too, so it works just as well for a child as it does for a working adult.


Sigmafocus Fold-Away BBQ

A BBQ is a true luxury and rarely makes the cut when outdoor space is at a premium. Butthis steel wall Sigmafocus barbecue is the perfect solution. It’s permanently fixed to a wall and closes on a hinge, meaning virtually not space is taken up. Not only is it attractive to look at in both open and closed positions, it also offers a range of cooking heights. The generous ash pan allows the barbecue to be used a number of times without having to empty it out and the disc that attaches to the wall protects the wall from smoke.


PingPong Table Door

Whether you aspire to be the next Forrest Gump or just enjoy a quick knock-around, this PingPong Table Door is one of the coolest space saving ideas we’ve seen. A fully functional swing door, the genius design from Tobias Fräenzel also flips forward to become a complete ping pong table. It’s perfect for spaces too small to have a full table tennis table and there’s no construction required either. All it takes is a flip of the switch to set up everything you need – just flip the door back up, and you’re good to go!


Alexander Love Bookcase Chair

Take a look at this fully upholstered button-cushion club chair with armrests and a built in 27 feet of shelf storage for books and DVDs. The comfortable deep seat makes for the perfect reading chair, and you wouldn’t even need to get up to pick a book. As well as the visable shelves, there’s also a secret compartment under seat for hiding away those extra special things, accessed from behind bottom shelf books. The chair itself is on rolling castors for easy movement and it can be upholstered in any material and painted in any colour to suit every type of home.


Ori Robotic Furniture

Guided by the principal that interior space has become too expensive to be static and unresponsive, Ori have designed an innovative system which uses technology and design to create environments which act and feel substantially larger than they are. As a most basic description, Ori Robotic Furniture is a set of space saving units/bookshelves/wardrobes which, at the push of a physical button, fold out into sofa/bed/desk/whatever your limited domestic area needs. The ultimate in space saving ideas for urban living.