St Patrick’s Day Pubs in London

St Patrick’s Day is quite probably the only patron saint’s celebration that is enjoyed pretty much the world over. Come 17th March each year, green is everywhere, the stout flows freely and everybody becomes Irish for the day! Sure, we aren’t all Irish here at Average Joes, but we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to go out and have a good with our friends. We’ve picked our top 5 Irish pubs in London so you can enjoy St Patrick’s Day 2015 in the right setting.

Auld Shillelagh

Stoke Newington’s original and unmistakably Irish pub. Its no nonsense, pretty much down to business style Irish boozer. Get in, get your pint of Guinness, get going. Its an actual Irish pub, not some jumped up Irish themed pub, so don’t expect all the goofy stuff on the walls and signs pointing to random Irish towns you’ve never heard of. Its the real deal. Great craic on most nights, you just know that it will always be the place to be in Stokey if you’re fancying a night out on St Patrick’s Day.

Waxy O’Connors (and his little sister too)

You’d not guess from the outside (which ever outside it is you approach from) just how deceptively large and maze-like this bar is on the inside, nor that it has a wonderful interior wrapped around a tree. However, that it does, and it always has a brilliantly upbeat atmosphere, which is surprising since central London places tend to be a little down and dreary! They’ve already got their oversized Guinness hats shipped in ready, so come St Patrick’s Day, its going to be good fun to say the least. Just one word of caution, try not to get lost in there.

The Tipperary

It’s not big, and it’s not all that clever, but the Tipperary is old! Arguably the “oldest Irish pub in London” it can traces its roots as far back as 400 years. It’s a rather friendly venue, unsurprisingly, but that’s rather helpful considering its quite small and you will practically end up on each other’s laps at some point. The staff here have always been just as friendly, although not quite sitting in your lap, they have always joined in with good conversation! If you aren’t claustrophobic, feel free to stop by on St Patrick’s Day, as it will probably be heaving.


Not everyone will be drinking Guinness on St Patrick’s Day, some will want Irish Whiskey, but for those preferring the former, there is possibly no better place in London to get to grips with you Guinness. If you could imagine a pint of stout built into a building, and maybe chuck in some of that legendary hospitality and good mirth associated with the Irish, that’s what you’ll be getting at the Toucan. It’s also a good spot for random E to F list celebrities who might wander in given it is in the ever trendy Soho. Definitely come here on St Patrick’s Day… or one of the others!

The Faltering Fullback

Quite possibly one of our favourite pubs, regardless of its Irishness or not. Located on the back streets around Finsbury Park, the exterior makes it looks slightly pokey, intimate and small, but once inside its Tardis like features are revealed. The larger room at the back is great for beers, food and watching sports, and the tree-house like multi-level garden  is an astoundingly good use of space in the midst of London. The atmosphere is always buoyant  The beer offering is great and the Thai food equally so. To be fair, it might not be an Irish pub (but we love it anyway)

St Patricks Day London 2014 Shamrock Pint

Whilst we have picked out these spots, the guys from Guinness, ever the helpful chaps, have picked out their top ten tips for having the best craic on St Paddy’s Day:

  1. The Pub (I think we at least covered that right?)
  2. Your Mates
  3. The Perfect Pint
  4. The Grub (some might argue eating is cheating though)
  5. The Pint At Home (Pre drinking? Really?)
  6. The Saint (Not the TV series or Val Kilmer Movie)
  7. The Parade
  8. The Green
  9. The Craic
  10. The Lingo

Fairly simple list there folks. Now you have no excuse to go out and have a great time on St Patrick’s Day 2015! Although, in honesty, St Patrick’s Day is a night you don’t need an excuse, just go out and enjoy yourself.  Oh, and don’t forget to behave yourself at the bar.