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Star Trek Beyond Trailer

The Star Trek Beyond trailer has hit the internet today in a week full of space themed awesomeness. First, we had the Independence Day 2 Trailer and now we have the Star Trek Beyond Trailer, not to mention the rather obvious fact that Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens comes out this week.

Star Trek Beyond seemed like a movie that seemed like it would never come to fruition. It may have looked like it was stuck in development hell, with numerous directors attached to the project over the 2 years since Star Trek Into Darkness came out back in 2013, and yet here we have solid proof that it is marching forth towards release in 2016.

The core cast are set to return for what appears to be some fast paced space star trekking based antics. Chris Pine resumes his role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk, the ever amazing Karl Urban is Bones McCoy once more, Zarachy Quinto is that logical yet emotional Vulcan, Spock, and Zoe Saldana plays his love interest Uhura. One notable addition to the cast, but potentially not the crew itself, is Idris Elba.

Idris’ character is currently not confirmed, although it is widely rumoured he will be playing the role of the evil villain seeking to bring doom, death or destruction of some kind into the Star Trek universe. As an Average Joes favourite, we can’t wait to see what Idris has brought to the movie. That man just oozes class.

Although the main body of the cast remains intact, we have a change at the helm, with JJ Abram’s jumping ship to Star Wars, its now Justin Lin who is calling the shots as director. You may remember him from such other big budget movies as Fast & Furious something something something. This becomes quite obvious in the teasting 90 second trailer. Nothing stays still, something is always moving quickly, and the thumping Beastie Boys sound track in the background just screams high octane action awaits the audience.

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