While dressing up like Jabba the Hutt might be a little too much effort, there are plenty of options when it comes to dressing up as one of your favourite Star Wars characters this Halloween. Whether you’re at a party, at work or simply kicking back on the sofa but want to get into the spirit of things, here are some Star Wars costume ideas that should get the job done!

Best Star Wars DIY Fancy Dress Costumes for Halloween

Darth Maul Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need: Black Robe, Red/Black Face Paint, Red Eye Contact Lenses, Lightsaber

Arguably the scariest of all of the characters from the seven Star Wars films, Darth Maul makes perfect sense if you’re going for scares this Halloween. All you’ll need is a black robe, some face paint and some red eye contacts – all of which should be fairly cheap and easy to get hold of. The double-edged lightsabre would be a great touch too, but if you don’t want to buy a toy version, just paint a wrapping paper roll. He’s actually one of the easiest to do justice if you know how to apply some face paint!


Han Solo Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need: Black Boots, Jeans, Cream Sweatshirt, Black Waistcoat, Belt, Holster and Toy Gun

If you’re not into face paints and still like to keep at least a slightly edgy aesthetic, Han Solo is your man. Chances are you’ll have jeans and a belt at home, so all you’ll really need to invest in is a cream sweatshirt, a black waistcoat, and some black high boots. A holster and toy gun will probably be needed too.


Princess Leia Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need: Long White Skirt, Long-Sleeve White Blouse, Hairclips, Silver Belt, Toy Gun

If a Jane is looking for inspiration, Princess Leia is easy to nail as long as you’ve got plenty of hairclips! All you need is a long white skirt, a long white blouse and a silver belt. But it’s Leia’s bun which will really transform the look. There are plenty of guides online to achieve the look, then it’s just a case of completing the look with a toy gun. Easy.


Obi Wan Kenobi Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need: Brown Bathrobe, White Judo Suit, Brown Boots, Lighsaber

Another easy character costume to master if you don’t get too hot at parties is Obi Wan Kenobi. All you need is a white judo suit, which is easily found and usually fairly cheap, some brown boots/shoes, and then a brown bathrobe to go over the top. Then it’s simply the case of buying or building yourself a lightsaber. Just make sure it’s blue – we want the look to be authentic!


Kylo Ren Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need: Black Hooded Robe, Black T-Shirt, Black Trousers, Black Belt, Black Boots, Mask, Lighsaber

He might be in all black but Kylo Ren is one of the more difficult Star Wars characters to get right. A black tee, trousers, belt, hooded robe and boots should be easy enough to sort, but then it’s a case of either forking out on a replica mask or making your own. Fashioning a red double-edged lightsaber is almost the easy bit! If your craft skills are up to scratch, though, Kylo Ren could be the most striking costume on our list.


Finn Halloween Costume

What You’ll Need: Black Jeans, Black T-Shirt, Brown Leather Jacket, Toy Gun

Probably the simplest costume on our list but potentially the most expensive, all you need for Finn is a pair of black jeans and a black tee – both of which you’ll already likely have – then it’s just the jacket. Annoyingly for you, Finn’s jacket (donated by Poe Dameron) is iconic to say the least and it’s the most recognisable thing about Finn’s whole look. You could cheat and just go for a plain brown leather jacket but you may need to add some red patches to make it work. Alternatively you could just spend the £80 it would take to grab a replica!


We hope this little guide helps you along your way to the best Star Wars Halloween Costume and when it is sorted do share it with us on social media @averagejoesblog. Need more inspiration? Check out our step by step guide to a the James Bond Halloween Costume from Spectre.



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