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Star Wars in 3D

You either love it, hate it, or are indifferent to it. This statement could be equally true of your feelings towards both Star Wars or 3D. No matter how you feel about either, there is an unsurprising stir across a galaxy far, far away as the entire 6 part saga is to be post-rendered into Star Wars 3D. The Phantom Menace is the first of the films to receive the treatment, and the episodes will be released annually in order from 12 February 2012.

Whilst most would agree that the newer, first three films are nowhere near as good as the classic trilogy, upgrading them all to 3D brings an added dimension (no pun intended). I for one am excited to see what Lucasfilm and ILM are capable of doing with the 3D format. So many post-rendered 3D films actually do little to enhance the experience…. need I mention Clash of the Titans? I hope that it truly adds depth and pulls the characters into your living room, except for the irritating Jar Jar Binks of course. I cannot wait for the cantina scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 3D. Only time will tell if these are the biggest 3D releases of the next 6 years, but I have a suspicion that they will be…



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