Star Wars is having some week! After the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released, Gareth Edwards appeared at Star Wars Celebration on its final day to reveal the details for his standalone movie, which is now officially known as Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One!

Star Wars: Rogue One Film Details

The film will be released in December 2016 will and we even have an official plot summary – the story will see “a rogue band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans.” Any rogue band lead by Felicity Jones, who had already been confirmed for the film, is absolutely fine by us!

Edwards, who found acclaim with his debut Monsters and went on to direct the mixed-bagged Godzilla, bought with him a short teaser out together by ILM to lay out the film’s themes. The footage hasn’t been made public, but we’ve heard it gets the blood pumping and includes quotes from Alec Guinness from Star Wars such as, “For more than a thousand generations the Jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic.”

As well as the footage, the director along with producer Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm’s vice president of development Kiri Hart, dropped some tantalising plot details and other Star Wars info. Here is everything you’ll need to know:

• You should refer to the ‘spinoffs’ as anthology films. The panel were very particular about this!

• The stand-alone films were part of George Lucas’ idea.

• The film hasn’t started shooting yet but will begin in late summer.

• Rogue One takes place between Episode III and Episode IV, but Edwards suggested it “maybe a little bit more towards IV.”

• The official synopsis is as follows: “A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans.”

• There will be almost no Jedi in the film. Rogue One takes place in a time when the Jedi are all but extinct and a group of people without magical powers must step up to save the galaxy.

• Rogue One is set in the same time period as the animated Star Wars Rebels.

• Edwards said he wanted the film to feel “real.” He said, “It’s hopefully going to feel very natural and subjective.” He doesn’t want the good guys to be all good, or the bad guys to be all bad. It’s about the shades of grey.

• Edwards said he was so exhausted from making Godzilla that he hoped he would hate the idea, but when he read he said, “Oh fuck… I couldn’t sit in a cinema and know someone else made this film.”

Felicity Jones is the only officially confirmed cast member, but Ben Mendelsohn, Tatiana Maslany and Rooney Mara have all been heavily linked to the project. The script was written by Chris Weitz, Zero Dark Thirty’s Greig Fraser will be DoP, and Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down’s Neil Corbould will head up VFX so expect some serious war.

We’re big fans of Monsters especially and love Felicity Jones, so we’re very pleased with all the noises coming out of Rogue One. We’re just upset we’re going to have to wait so long for any footage. What a time to be a Star Wars fan!




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