Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2nd Teaser Trailer

At the Star Wars Celebration convention in California, and at the end of a fun and informative Q&A with cast and crew, we got our first look at the brand spanking new Star Wars: The Force Awakens second teaser trailer. It is only about a minute and a half long, but there’s enough there to tease even the most sceptical of Star Wars fans into a frenzy.

The Q&A, with writer, director and producer J.J. Abrams and Lucas Films president Kathleen Kennedy, was live streamed across the globe at special screenings as well as on the internet. Here in London the legendary Star Wars veteran Warwick Davis hosted proceedings. What were some of the biggest points we learnt? Here, in relatively short and easy to digest form:

  • There are going to be more kick ass women in a galaxy far, far away (not just in this one trilogy, but stand alone movies too)
  • Boyega’s character, Finn, is definitely a storm trooper – who now come in all shapes and sizes
  • That BB8, the new droid, is not just the physical prop they said he was, but he is fully operational and looks absolutely amazing
  • The planet we see with all the dust? That’s not Tatooine, it’s a planet called Jaku (probably spelt differently)
  • The beautiful Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, is a fiercely independent woman who survives alone in a spaceship graveyard of sorts as a scavanger
  • Rey’s adventure apparently kicks off when she is introduced to another character, presumably Finn, and their futures become entwined
  • Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron is an X-wing pilot, and apparently the best one in the damned galaxy at that!
  • Everyone just seems to love Star Wars, especially all the cast and crew!

Ahhh, so now for the teaser trailer:

Now, here in another short and easy digest form is everything that you need to be absolutely HYPED to the max about:

  • A downed and trashed X-wing, but even more significant in the background is that the mountain is actually an abused and decaying Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Darth Vader’s helmet shows up all melted – well of course, it was burned in a funeral pyre by Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi
  • R2-D2 looks like he is still hanging with Luke, although he’s covered by the hood, the robotic hand is a bit of a give away really.
  • Luke is the character actually narrating the teaser trailer, referring to daddy Darth, his sister Leia, himself, and presumably his offspring or Leia’s?
  • Luke’s old lightsaber makes a reappearance, handed over by Leia. This is reportedly the one Luke lost in Cloud City. It also looks like it is being given to a female – notice the hands?
  • We get a glimpse of our main bad guy, Kylo Ren (who looks an awful lot like a character called Revan), swinging his big red lightsaber with cross-guards
  • Rey and Finn look like they are fleeing from TIE Figthers (who look far more menacing these days)
  • Storm Troopers have had a solid refresh in image, with bolder shapes and a far more menacing look – hopefully they’ve had some target practise too!
  • There are a lot of Storm Troopers, looks like we have a pretty thriving Empire and their Sith lords still about – perhaps those Rebels didn’t extinguish those flames of evil quite so well, huh?
  • Finn, still dressed as a Storm Trooper, looking like he’s just had a vindaloo and it just is a bit too much for him (or he’s committed a planet scale genocide, who’s to say?)
  • A super shiny Storm Trooper, with a cape and a real menacing swagger.
  • A pretty stupendous looking dog fight between the Millennium Falcon and one of those shiny new TIE Fighters, flying through the exhaust of a wrecked ship
  • Those two at the end, the best pilots the Millennium Falcon ever had… Han bloody Solo and Chewbacca!

So, you get all that? No? Watch it again. Watch it some more. Watch it maybe 5 or 6 times… December is looking too far away for us!