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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Trailer

Eighty-eight seconds of pure excitement dropped yesterday with the first official look at JJ Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Trailer, and the internet stopped. Quite frankly it looks exceptional and we are beside ourselves.

It’s been a big week for trailers with the Jurassic World Trailer also dropping online but in our opinion, this blows Jurassic World out of the galaxy. Plenty of details are given and there’s more than enough tantalising teasers to keep our curiosity at hyperdrive.

Head here for the NEW Star Ways Force Awakens Trailer and a Q and A with JJ Abrams.

While there were no looks at Luke, Leia or Han, there was confirmation of several strong rumours that have been doing the rounds. Firstly, the rumour suggesting the storyline for The Force Awakens will follow two young adventurers from Tatooine in search of our three heroes look to have been confirmed with the home world of Luke and Anakin appearing to feature in the trailer. These two adventurers are almost certainly played by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

Boyega himself was hotly tipped to play an Imperial Stormtrooper who realises the evil of his ways and turns to the Force. The trailer at least confirms the first slice of rumour with the Attack the Block star unmistakably in Stormtrooper attire.

We already knew the Millennium Falcon would return thanks to over eager fans infiltrating Pinewood Studios and posting their adventures on Twitter. But my word the old girl looks good in action. The Falcon along with a rousing rendition of the Star Wars Theme is enough to give anyone a cine-rection.

Oscar Isaac is also pictured as an X-Wing pilot which hopefully doesn’t mean a reduced role. Only Luke Skywalker made the jump from X-Wing pilot to universe superstar and we hope Isaac can follow suit.


There are also some obvious modifications from the originals and prequels with the droids getting a makeover to resemble footballs. It’s only a snippet of probably more diverse designs but we like the look of them a lot. There’s a nod to previous work but Abrams looks to have shown the confidence to stamp his own authority on the new installments. We approve.

Now there’s no way you can possibly miss the new lightsaber design. It’s only bloody double-edged. We have no idea if there’s a logical reason for this but it gave us chills, even if it did look a bit Toys R Us.

In short, Christmas 2015 can’t come soon enough. Please don’t let us down, JJ. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will also star Andy Serkis, Adam Driver and Domhnall Gleeson and will open on the 18th December 2015. Have a look at the New Star Wats trailer for yourself.



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