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Stella Artois and Looper Film Preview

Fancy winning tickets to an advanced preview of new film Looper with Stella Artois? Of course you do. Join us and a few select others at 20:30 at the Hackney Picturehouse on Thursday 27th September. Entry is simple, quick and too easy, so you have no excuse not to enter here at Stella Artois’ FB page.

For those of you are aren’t aware of Looper, its likely to be the biggest sci-fi action film of the year (apologies it didn’t feature in the films to watch in 2012 list, but we expected bigger and better from Recall and Dredd). In 2072 time travel will be invented, and for obvious reasons is outlawed quickly. The mob are hardly known for their obedience to the law, so when they want to get rid of someone, they send their target back in time by 30 years where they are summarily executed and their corpses disposed of by a waiting assassin – a “looper”. Joe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a looper, he’s paid well and does a good job. That is until the target that shows up is him from the future, sent back to be killed and to “close the loop”. Old Joe, played by Bruce Willis, escapes…

Its got action, sci-fi, drama, oh and a hot woman or two to boot. Rain Johnson is a gifted film maker and has pulled in a great cast for his latest venture. Rotten Tomatoes scores it at 98% at this moment in time, and I expect it to remain high. We are very excited to get the chance to go and see this before it hits the big screens and you can join us too. Head over to the Stella Artois Facebook page, where there is a dedicated tab – enter a few details and you’re in the with the chance to come to the Hackney Picturehouse with Stella Artois, us and a select few special people.

And even if you don’t win, come back to check out our Looper Film Review.




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