Belgium’s finest export since Tintin, Stella Artois, has just introduced the Stella Artois NOVA, a stylish innovation in draught beer. The Stella Artois NOVA is an all-in-one, refrigerating countertop draught unit primarily aimed a small bars and restaurants, but we can’t see any reason it won’t fit perfectly in your garden shed bar!

Stella Artois NOVA

The NOVA has been created by Stella in partnership with acclaimed industrial designer Marc Thorpe, who’s had his hands in everything from architecture to digital art to tables for the Milan Furniture Fair. As you do.

The unit was developed for Joes that wish to serve draught beer but don’t have the space or pump capability to install a full-scale draught system. The Stella NOVA now makes it possible!

The NOVA features ‘Bottle in Bottle’ technology and offers an all-in-one ‘plug and pour’ solution in-system. In short, it houses a massive glass vessel that contains around 12 litres of beer. The double-layer dispenser keeps your beer carbonated and cold for a good solid month. The high-performance refrigeration system cools the bottle in just four hours too.

Stella are also thinking green with the countertop device as it utilises a disposable bottle made of recyclable materials. The bottle will cut down on your waste and will also save the space that traditional metal bottles take up.

All you really need to know about the Stella Artois NOVA, though, is that it will look great on your table-top, pours great tasting beer and no draught system installation required, which means it’s ideal when space is at a premium.

You can find out more information about the Stella Artois NOVA with any local Anheuser-Busch wholesaler or alternatively just go to the Stella Artois Website.




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