‘You get what you pay for’ is one of life’s mottos that we often just accept as gospel. Higher cost is always assumed to equate with better quality. But we’ve often found that not to be the case at supermarkets, with imitations of the real thing often just as good if not better than its genuine article. And even when they’re not as good, their branding is often worth the entertainment value alone. With that in mind, here are some of the most creative and innovative supermarket brand knock-offs around!

8 Best Supermarket Brand Knock-Offs

Teddy Faces Crisps

The German budget supermarket duo revel in the knock off opportunity more than most. One such example is Lidl’s Teddy Faces which are a potato snack with faces of bears. Remind you of anything?


Oblongs Marshmallow Bars

Another Lidl classic, their Oblongs marshmallow and rice cereal bars have two sides which are longer than the other two. They’re not technically squares, saving a whole load of legal hassle…


Monster Claws Crisps

How on earth would anyone come up with a retro monster-themed potato snack? It’s genius.



These triangular corn chips beginning with a ‘D’ and ending in ‘os’ remind us of something but we can’t quite put our finger on it.


Coolgatte Toothpaste

Cool and soothing.


Malted Chekkies Cereal

Shredded bits of wheat mashed together into a bite size cereal. We can’t believe nobody thought of it before.


Believe It’s Not Butter

With such a brilliant name itself, it’s really no great surprise that ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’ has been ripped off more than any other product in supermarket history. And it’s often with absolutely hilariously unsubtle consequences…


Seal Chocolate Bars

Can’t afford a Penguin chocolate bar but refuse to buy a lunchbox snack that doesn’t have an Antarctic animal on the front? We don’t blame you. Seal bars it is.




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