Tenet delayed – What will happen to cinema in 2020?

Tenet is an important movie. Not just because it’s the next possible masterpiece from Director, Christopher Nolan but it’s also the movie the rest of the industry is looking to in order to see if it’s safe to release their next blockbuster. It was set to be one of the first new films to be released post-lockdown but that’s all changed. It has been delayed – indefinitely.

This has been a huge blow to the movie industry as a whole. Studios have been looking towards Tenet to see if releasing their movies is a good idea. It was due to be the first big tentpole movie to be released. If it was a success then the movie industry could breathe a sigh of relief. If it tanked then they would know something was wrong. Christopher Nolan films don’t normally tank.

But could it this only apply to America? Normally a film gets some sort of international release with it appearing in cinemas around the globe fairly simultaneously. Instead, according the Hollywood Reporter, Tenet could have a staggered release with many countries around the world getting it before the states.

Cinemas in the UK are already open. My local Odeon is showing Batman 1989 tomorrow. But no new films though. Tenet is simply not listed. Neither is Black Widow, No Time to Die or any other major release.

So it is possible that we might get these big films here in the UK but America might have to wait? With the lack of consistency over which markets are open and which ones are not, the film industry might just seek to open where they can and delay release in other areas. We will have to wait and see. If this is the model that they follow with Tenet then expect the other studios to follow suit.

For now you can get your big screen fix with Harry Potter re-releases, the original Bill and Ted, The Empire Strikes Back, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and many more classic films.

What classic film would you like to see back in the cinema? Let us know in the comments.