Open-Plan Tent House by Sparks Architects

The idea of sleeping in a tent fills many Joes (and Janes) will utter dread. But we think this part-tent, part-house by Sparks Architects in Australia is the sort of ‘camping’ we could all get on board with!

Located in a pocket of rainforest in the Noosa hinterland in Queensland, the Tent House by Sparks Architects is unlike any other canopied dwelling we’ve come across. Built in the centre of a forest clearing not too far from a regular rural settlement, the Tent House offers contemporary housing solutions along with a true closeness to the great outdoors.

The Tent House takes open-plan living to whole new level and features three bedrooms, a bathroom large open living area and kitchen space, as well as forest views from each room. All room are connected by two corridors each side of the house, and a pavilion which offers the best of the rainforest views.

Tent House by Sparks Architects Australia 5

Thanks to the architectural design, the Tent House is habitable all year round. In the summer, the walls, or doors, of the box slide open manually, while the roof, or lid, has an automated sliding operation. The tent ‘roof’ serves as a ‘fly roof’ and therefore creates a void between the two roof elements allowing for ventilation.

Tent House by Sparks Architects Australia 3

The ‘camp’ area is of course of great natural beauty too with a lush wall of 40m tall tropical trees flanking the North side of the area. Despite this, each room allows in maximum sunlight and the trees also create the site’s own mini micro-climate, even in winter. There’s also a small creek along one side of the camp providing a riparian corridor for local flowers.

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Images by Christopher Frederick Jones.

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Tent House by Sparks Architects Australia 4
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