Whilst the modern male is very much in full swing, there is one element that many of us struggle with. We may well always dress to impress, take care of ourselves with well groomed hair and beards and we hope most of us are a pillar of manners – wine often eludes us. We drink it, we even like it. But at the end of the day, what makes a good wine and what should we say when it comes to one of the oldest drinks in the land (you remember Jesus right?).

The Art of being a Gentleman: Wine

Firstly, and we firmly believe this no matter if it be style, food, grooming or near anything in life. You are never technically wrong. If you honestly love your look you will never feel more comfortable – and the same goes for drinks. If you have a favourite wine tipple, then why settle for anything else? Something you won’t enjoy as much? Saying that, having a little knowledge will no doubt help when on that next date or perhaps trying to impress the future-in-laws. As such we teamed up with perfect wine for the modern day male – The Gentleman’s Collection, to tell you a little about the most popular wines.

To keep things simple we will guide you through two reds and then two whites, finishing with when you should choose each one.

Red – Cabernet Sauvignon

The most popular red wine you will come across, bar none. Similar to Merlot, choosing a ‘Good Cab’ will show you know something above the average guy, suggest the Cabernet Sauvignon instead. It is most likely to be a full-bodied wine with very dark berries at it’s core (think blackcurrant but more dangerous).

Originally planted in the Bordeaux region of France, you will now find Cabernet Sauvignon from every corner of the globe. Food wise, pair with Beef, Lamb or if you are going with desserts something strong and firm like a Extra mature Cheddar. Oh and Gentleman’s Collection do a great one!

Red – Zinfandel

Whilst not top of the list in terms of popularity, if you like it fruiting then a Zinfandel is the wine for you. A good Zinfandel can be made with all manner of fruits including raspberry, blackberry and blueberry.

It isn’t as heavy as a Cabernet Sauvignon and works really well with a good BBQ – as such food pairing include: chicken, pork, lamb and beef. Originally grown in Croatia.


White – Sauvignon Blanc

My favourite white by a mile. Actually from the same grape family as Cabernet Sauvignon (all in the name) but this time we are on the white. Perfectly light if you plan on drinking more than a few glasses and not too sickly to make it awkward.

We love the citrus tones you get through many a good ‘Sav’ with exotic fruit flavours found in many (think Kiwis or Passion Fruit). Again originally from France, this is quite a Dry white wine and not too sweet. For food, I would choose fish or even pushing it to white meat such as chicken or pork.

White – Pinot Gris

Whilst we could have been tempted to shove in a Chardonnay (after all, GC does have a wonderful one), but we decided to head for the Pinot – A more delicate flavour that the Sav above with similar citrus tones pairs with more everyday fruits so as apple or pear.

Often found in Italy, a good Pinot Gris will go perfectly with a healthy salad, light cheese and some fish. Very much one for the summer.

Red or White

Now there is no easy answer here and whilst I personally prefer a good white (Red makes me sleepy), the choice should definitely go hand in hand with food or time of day. As a rule of thumb, red is going to be heavier than white and as such, a lunch time glass would usually be white. It’s more refreshing to the general palette so perfect for a quick glass over a lunch break.

After the timing element, the next will be food pairings. Red would usually be the choice alongside meat or against a dessert – whilst a superb glass of white would be first choice for vegetables or fish. if you are going to do both, most will go white along with a starter and then red, not the other way round.



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