The Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you’re anything like us, Christmas and the whole of December is essentially one long session at the bar/drinks cabinet and that’s not even mentioning the mountains of food we’ve demolished! So come January, we need to detox and one of the most popular out there is Dry January. While is sounds difficult enough, we’re also sorry to tell you that socialising doesn’t stop in January!

Drinking no alcohol for a whole month is made far more difficult when you’re doing it around friends who don’t share your health fears. So we’ve got some non-alcoholic alternative drinks that should keep you feeling part of the gang and not out of place! Read on for our drinks to help you through Dry January…

San Miguel 0.0%

For us Joes, chances are your weapon of choice, and the thing you’ll probably crave most, is a cold refreshing beer. There’s quite a few non-alcoholic beers on the market but the majority quite frankly taste diluted. One of the newest on the market is San Miguel 0.0%. The alcohol-free lager maintains malty notes of barley and a balanced bitterness delivering San Miguel’s premium taste. Alternatively, if you fancy something with a twist, San Miguel 0.0% Limon contains 4% natural lemon juice as well as subtle malt and hop notes.

Dry January San Miguel 0.0%

No-jito Mocktail

If you’re a cocktail kind of Joe then Dry January brings you ample opportunity to trick yourself into thinking you’re guzzling tens of units without ever touching the hard stuff. Instead of a cocktail, get yourself a mocktail! One of simplest we’ve come across is the No-jito. All you need is 1 tbsp of sugar, a small bunch mint, the juice of 3 limes and a splash soda water!

Dry January No-jito Mocktail

Alcohol Free Kopparberg

For the cider Joes out there, there’s also a few options but they tend to face the same problems as beers with brands confusing alcohol-free cider with apple juice. However, there are options and one of the best around is Alcohol Free Kopparberg. It’s one of the best mainly because Joes and Janes who drink regular Kopparberg in the first place drink it because it doesn’t taste of alcohol. So the Alcohol Free version tastes basically the same!

Dry January Alcohol Free Kopparberg

Passionate Pomme Mocktail

If you’re being dragged out for a friend’s birthday whilst practicing Dry January, there are drinking haunts that have you covered; one of the main places being Be At One. They’ve got a couple of mocktails on offer throughout the month. One of the best on the menu is set to be their Passionate Pomme which contains passionfruit, pomegranate juice and coconut water.

Dry January Passionate Pomme

Fever Tree Ginger Beer

If you’re attending a house party and need something to get you through the night, rather than having to constantly faff with mocktails, grab a few bottles of ginger beer. It’s tasty and far more sophisticated than grabbing a 2litre bottle of Coke – not to mention one of the most refreshing drinks around. For us, one of the best affordable options is Fever Tree’s. It’s brewed using a blend of three gingers from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast, meaning it comes with a real spicy kick and none of the syrupy sweetness of some other brands.

Dry January Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Becks Blue

Lastly if you don’t trust something new to the market like San Miguel 0.0%, go for an alcohol free beer that’s been tried and tested and grab some Beck’s Blue. The light, crisp and refreshing alternative doesn’t compromise on taste. Just like Beck’s, Beck’s Blue adheres to the strict Reinheitsgebot (German purity law) so only when the distinctive Beck’s flavour has been allowed to fully develop is the alcohol removed! Good luck!

Dry January Becks Blue