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Duckworth Lewis Method Band

Duckworth Lewis Method Band

Hi guys, I thought I’d get this out before I head off for some much needed chill time/ drunken debauchery in the Big Apple … :-) … (Sorry I couldn’t help but gloat). Sadly, as is the case sometimes… even if I had been so selfishly consumed with my holiday plans as to forgo a review this week, I doubt you’d have been too disappointed. It’s fair to say this week’s iTunes single probably could have waited.

The Duckworth Lewis Method
, so named for the complicated mathematical method for predicting cricket scores in rain-affected games, is also the collaborative name for Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Thomas Walshe (Pugwash). As soon as I realised I’d be reviewing a single dedicated to the inglorious gentlemen’s game of cricket, thoughts of ‘I just don’t need this!!’ sprung to mind. And indeed I don’t!!!

All signs pointed to total condemnation of this track but upon reflection, much like the other 11 cricket orientated tracks on their self titled album, I’ve realised you have to accept its novelty value and take this with a pinch of salt. Never taking themselves too seriously, ’Sweet Spot’ is a whimsical double entendre laden track. I know they’re talking about cricket but with lyrics like:

Now you’ve hit the sweet spot, it’s oh so fine,
Now you’ve hit the sweet spot like the sweetest wine,
I’m down on my knees to please you all the time.

You have to wonder what other sweet spot he could possibly be referring to…Hmm???

Musically, it’s far from revolutionary, and when you consider the target audience is most likely to be nostalgia-ridden middle-aged men wearing grass-stained whites; eating scones and drinking Earl Grey, I somehow doubt this is going to be one of the tracks of the summer. Doesn’t hit my sweet spot but it is sure to get a few smirks at least.

Enjoy and I’ll see you when I get back!!!




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