The Government’s Half Price Meal Deals – How does it work?

Fed up with months of lockdown cooking?  Well, the government wants you to get out and eat in a restaurant.  As many times as you like.  

Under the banner of ‘Eat Out to Help Out’, for the whole of the month of August, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has said the government will pay half the cost of everyone’s meal out in a restaurant up to the value of £10.  So that means you can eat whatever you like up to twenty quid and Rishi Sunak’s exchequer will pay a tenner towards it (you can spend more but £10 is the most you’ll save from your bill per person).  

Of course, that’s contingent on you going on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  They’re the only days that this discount applies.  Oh, and booze isn’t included either – just the grub.  But there’s no limit on the number of half price meals you can get or whether it’s lunch or dinner.  You could eat both every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the whole of August and get the deal if you wanted, and if your waistline can handle it.  

The Exchequer says that it applies to children  too – although I don’t think they mean on the menu.  Personally, I don’t have kids, and I prefer to eat in adult only space, which probably means I’m a grump, but for families stuck in the house for months this will be a welcome bonus for their first steps back to normality.  

So if you eat in at Nando’s – and from 8th July they’re opening up some of their restaurants – you can chow down on half a peri-peri chicken with two regular sides, and follow that with a Naughty Nata for just £9.29.  If you’re not lucky enough to live near one of the Nandos that are on the list for eat-in service, and if your local Pizza Express is open, you could have a spicy Diavolo for the bargain price of £7.65.  

How do you get your half price lunch or dinner?  You book a restaurant that has signed up to the scheme.  

Mr Sunak is also making big VAT reductions on hospitality generally so look out for other venues opening up and offering deals.  

Your country needs you to get and eat – and with the government paying half your bill, it would be rude not to.

Bon appetit!

What’s the first restaurant you’ll be hitting up for your discount? Let us know in the comments.