It was 2011 when world-renowned artist Maurizio Cattelan ‘retired’ from producing works due to fatigue. But 5 years later, the sculptor is back with his most distinctive piece yet, a solid 18-karat gold fully-functioning toilet. Seriously.

The Guggenheim 18-Karat Gold Toilet

Yes, according to The New York Times, the Italian artist has revealed he’s currently working on a solid 18-karat gold replica of a standard Kohler toilet which will soon be on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. But rather than be installed in a public gallery, the Golden throne will be placed inside the toilets of the Manhattan’s Guggenheim for the public to use!

When asked about the piece, Cattelan said, “There’s the risk that people will think of it as a joke, maybe, but I don’t see it as a joke. I was born in a condition where I was forced to think about that. It’s not my job to tell people what a work means. But I think people might see meaning in this piece.”

Guggenheim 18- Karat Gold Toilet Maurizio Cattelan
The choice 18-karat gold was apparently for its solidity, and it’s said that Guggenheim officials are fully aware that there will be queues aplenty for the Cattelan bathroom, adding that an extra guard might have to be placed near the door to ensure things don’t get out of control and the masterpiece isn’t stolen.

Cattelan also has another work being sold in May called ‘Him’. Made in 2001, it’s a child-sized sculpture of Hitler on his knees. It’s also expected to be his most expensive work to date trumping his record of $8 million, and reaching up to a staggering $15 million.

The cost of the 18-Karat Gold Toilet hasn’t been revealed but we do know it’s going to be at the Guggenheim for the foreseeable future. If you’re in NYC in May, be sure to check it out!

Guggenheim 18- Karat Gold Toilet 2



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