Large man-made structures in areas of natural beauty often cause much debate here the UK with windfarms taking much of the flak. But we reckon we could all get behind pylons that are made to look like humans! Take a look at stunning The Land of Giants designed by Choi + Shine Architects.

The Land of Giants

The Land of the Giants design transforms any mundane electrical pylon into breath-taking statues. The idea was initially proposed to take over the awe-inspiring Icelandic landscape and won the Recognition Award at the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition. Yes, that’s really a thing.

Making only minor alterations to already established steel-framed tower designs, Choi + Shine have created a series of towers that are powerful, solemn and malleable with around 8 different designs all achievable with a torso, forearm, upper leg and hand.

Thanks to the use of pre-assembled joints to create the pylon-figures’ appearance, the Land of Giants design allows for a multitude of possibilities all varying in form and height to suit the landscape. More importantly, the cost is kept inexpensive as they’re all produced identically and construction is so simple.

The pylon-figures are designed to provide supports for the conductors, ground wires and other cables all within required clearances. The towers themselves are largely self-supporting and sit on concrete footings, with the addition of a few guy wires, depending on requirements of the loading wires.

Recently, the Giants were selected as symbolic structures for Tollwood: Winter Festival and the design was shown as a part of exhibition on new pylon designs in Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

As it stands, annoyingly there are no plans to actually get The Land of Giants built. But you can see a model of the Giants displayed as a permanent collection in the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. Check out more on the Choi + Shine Website.




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