The Rib Room, London Review

Now when it comes to meat, there really is no substitute – and whilst there has been an explosion of meant orientated restaurants and eateries over the last few years, quality really does count. As such, when we were asked to try The Rib Room Bar and Restaurant in Knightsbridge we donned our elasticated pants and we headed to London.

The Rib Room Bar & Restaurant is at the base of the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge. You enter through the hotel lobby itself though in summer there is a terrace which offers outdoor dining. The decor is a nice break from the current low cost / reclaimed trend that is sweeping throughout the UK as everyone tried to be cooler than cool. I felt like I was an extra in The Sopranos and expected James Gandolfini to rise from the ashes and walk through the door any moment. The place is classic, near timeless and gives a perfect representation on what a quality meat establishment should be. The chairs are comfortable and traditional in appearance without being old and worn, whilst the leather Banquet type seating adds a more casual feel for seating large groups.

Of course, with any good meal comes a rather wonderful drink. If you like your wine, then there are over 450 wines and champagnes to whet your pallet, though we opted to test a few of the cocktails. There is nothing groundbreaking here but there was a good selections of well known names and they were made to a good standard. Also worth a mention is the large collection of Gin, perfect for summer and garnished as you please. There is also a Cigar Bar (on the previously mentioned terrace) which offers a choice of Cuban, New World and Rare cigars.

Of course, what about the food. The menu has a good selection without leaving your head spinning from being unsure what to choose. There are many classics whilst some do have a more upmarket twist. However, remember Sopranos – the key to The Rib Room seems to be good quality food, a fair amount of it and just cooked incredibly well. The choice of meat (especially steak) is of course second to none, we counted none other than 9 different cuts and that doesn’t include the signature Rib which of course we had to try. That beer falling off the bone and nearly melting before it hit your mouth was something else.

We also tried the Wagyu which was again a wonderful cut and tasted sublime. The dessert menu was tempting but with all that food, we couldn’t manage anything whole. We did grab one to test and again, it was top notch.

Whilst not cheap, if you are looking for good meat in London within a great surrounding, the Rib Rooms should be well worth a try.